Your access to
borderless business

  • manage your business entirely online
  • open a bank account remotely
  • pay only one flat tax of 5% of your income
  • sign documents digitally


Provide services to Ukrainian IT companies easily

  • position yourself as a legally registered business entity by becoming a private entrepreneur of Ukraine, thus making it easier for the Ukrainian IT companies to hire you

Work for the world’s leading IT companies

  • make global IT companies recognise you as a legally registered entity operating under Ukraine’s jurisdiction and therefore become preferred among other candidates

  • stand out among other freelancers by obtaining a credible reputation with your e-resident status and conclude contracts worldwide

Use e-signature to manage your business in Ukraine more efficiently

  • from now on, there is no need to visit Ukraine yourself or hire mediators in order to sign a document on your behalf, including the ones related to your existing business, just use your e-signature for it.

What is e‑Residency?

E-Residency is a special status, granted by the Ukrainian government, providing foreign freelancers engaged in the IT sector with the opportunity to stand out among others and run a location-independent business in Ukraine.

It all starts with obtaining the e-resident status, after which one is free to choose their path: whether it is easy cooperation with Ukrainian IT companies, to find and collect customers from around the globe or just use a digital signature to sign documents remotely.

Special status for people engaged in the IT sector


A qualified electronic signature is your personal power tool, driving your potential beyond limits - from now on, signing contracts and documents will not require your physical presence or spending money on mediators for them to make arrangements on your behalf.

Remote bank account opening

Banks in different countries are very thorough in terms of their prospect clients' identification, demanding their physical presence in the process of opening a bank account. Pursuing the goal of meeting your needs, we’ve developed a digital identification and verification system, allowing you to open your bank account in Ukraine completely online, from your own home.

Unified tax regime

Your business is all about bringing you money, which shouldn’t be dispersed among the variety of tax types being collected by the state. We’ve simplified this concept to its limit. All e-residents registered as a private entrepreneurs are treated to only one unified flat tax, which is just 5% of their income.

Automated tax calculation and reporting

We know that paperwork can be a reason for headache. But with e-residency you can devote your time to doing what you love, while our tools will do the rest: pre-fill your tax reports, calculate your taxes and help you pay them online.

How does it work?


Sign up on our website


Wait for your application to be reviewed


Visit the consulate of Ukraine to complete the procedure


Get your e-signature, set up your business and open a bank account online

What do you get?


sign documents, contracts and agreements entirely online, regardless of your physical location.

Trusted status

acquire a status of a Ukrainian private entrepreneur and make yourself stand out among other freelancers.

Trusted status
Online business

start and run your business in Ukraine online with a few clicks.

Online business
Low tax rate & benevolent tax administration

discover the advantage of running a business with only a 5% tax rate. All paperwork will be done by our system - just check the information provided and e-sign it to send the report to the tax authorities.

Low tax rate & benevolent tax administration
Remote bank account opening

open your bank account in Ukraine remotely with help of our virtual identification and verification tools.

Remote bank account opening
Personal government-provided manager

get an English-speaking personal manager, your proxy and stand-in while interacting with public authorities, who will consult in your activities, difficult cases, advise what service to use and answer questions that may arise.

Personal government-provided manager

Ready to start your story of success with Ukrainian e‑Residency?

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