What are the limitations on conducting business as an e-resident?

Currently, there are such restrictions:

  • Restrictions on the annual limit of funds circulation. The limit is set annually. As of January 2, 2024, it is equivalent to 197,513 euros and may change depending on fluctuations in the hryvnia to euro exchange rate. In case of exceeding the limit, you will pay 15% instead of 5% of the amount exceeding the limit. 
  • You can open accounts only with one bank in Ukraine. The number of accounts is not limited, and the types of currencies are determined by the bank. 
  • It is prohibited to employ hired personnel.
  • It is prohibited to receive income from sources originating in Ukraine (enter into contracts with Ukrainian individuals or legal entities to receive income).
  • Stay in Ukraine for more than 180 days.
  • Provision of services to Ukrainian citizens, tax residents of Ukraine. 
  • Foreigners who are entitled to permanent residency in Ukraine or those who are already tax residents of Ukraine.
  • Restrictions on countries: countries recognized as an aggressor state and/or an occupying state towards Ukraine; gray and black lists of FATF; countries identified by the European Commission as having weak regimes for preventing and combating the legalization (money laundering) of proceeds from crime, financing of terrorism, and financing the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Restrictions on types of activities: 
  1. Activities related to the organization, conduct of gambling games, lotteries, bets, etc. (bookmaker bets, totalizer bets)
  2. Foreign currency exchange
  3. Activities related to the production and sale of excise goods
  4. Activities related to the extraction, production and sale of precious metals and stones, as well as minerals
  5. Activities in the field of financial intermediation and management of enterprises
  6. Activities in the provision of mail services and services in the field of telephony
  7. Activities related to the sale of works of art and antiques, activities related to the organization of trades (auctions) of works of art, collectibles, or antiques
  8. Activities related to the organization and holding of touring events


If you have doubts about the possibility of carrying out certain types of activities, we advise you to read subsection 291.5.1 of paragraph 291.5 of article 291 of the Tax Code of Ukraine or to contact our support service for clarification.